For most of us, household water is so readily available that we barely think about it.  We take for granted our access to potable water and modern sanitation. We simply assume that everyone in our community has access to these basic necessities.  Sadly, this is not the case in some homes on Johns and Wadmalaw Island. The lack of potable water and modern sanitation is especially problematic for the elderly, pregnant women, infants, and young children.

Restoring Water Wellness on the Sea Islands

One home was that of Ms. Nellie Boykin. Until recently, Ms. Boykin and her six grandchildren relied completely on bottled water.   This family was visited by a Foundation team, a well was dug, other water related issues addressed and now this family has clean, safe water in their home. Read her full story here...

The Need

In our coastal environment, there are many issues that contribute to a lack of safe and clean water: 

-Failing old wells with rusty pipes        -Salt water intrusion 

 -High Iron/Sulphur content

These cause health concerns for families and are especially problematic for the elderly, pregnant women, infants, and young children. And some of these families simply cannot afford to get their wells fixed.

Our Goal

To provide clean, safe water to those in need by providing for the repair or replacement of affected wells, connecting a source of running water, and or installing a filtration system.  

How it Works

A licensed water/well contractor and a member of the Foundation will visit the family, assess the need and provide a plan to the Foundation to improve the water service.  The Foundation will pay the contractor directly. No funds will go to the recipient and they will not be asked to pay for any portion of the approved work. The Foundation will assist as many residents as funds allow.  There is already a waiting list of families who need help!

To learn how you may become a part of this vital local project please contact:  

Bill Britton, Water Wellness Mission Coordinator, 843.421.6360 or

Sea Island Hunger Awareness Foundation

PO Box 268, Johns Island, SC  29457-0268

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