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Thank you to everyone who made this year's Gullah Celebration a huge success!  See the full list of Sponsors and donors below.



27% of Wadmalaw residents and 15% of Johns Island residents live below the poverty level.  That is nearly 4,000 people who struggle with hunger here on the islands. Founded at the beginning of 2015, the foundation was formed from a desire to ensure consistent and dependable sources of food to reach the people in need.


 By hosting events such as the Gullah Celebration at Freshfields we hope to augment the efforts of our partnered food distribution programs. 


Outreach projects




For most of us, household water is so readily available that we barely think about it.  We take for granted our access to potable water and modern sanitation. We simply assume that everyone in our community has access to these basic necessities. Sadly, this is not the case in some homes on the Sea Islands.  





Elementary students on Johns and Wadmalaw Islands receive hands-on instructions from SIHAF volunteers as they learn to prepare healthy, nutritious meals in a crock pot.  Upon completion of the six weeks of classes each student will receive a crock pot, measuring cups and spoons, spices, a Crock Pot Recipe Booklet and a Certificate of Participation. 

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Each month we distribute food to over 500 residents on Johns and Wadmalaw Islands,  who struggle to have enough to eat. Our mission is to supplement their diets with nutritious, healthy foods by providing a combination of shelf stable items, bread, and fresh seasonal produce. We are 100% volunteer based and operate out of the old Head Start building at 2389 Bohicket Road, Johns Island, SC 29455. For more information regarding our program or if you wish to volunteer please call Jada Phillips at (704)401-6824.


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