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Partner Program Spotlight

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Thankfully, we are now more than halfway through 2020, a very challenging year. Covid-19 has brought various forms of stress to every family, but it’s safe to say the virus has brought additional strain to families living with contaminated water, or none at all. WWM continues to be vigilant in helping these people get new, free wells.

Despite the pandemic, there is good news to report regarding our mission so far this year. Thanks to our donors, [as of July], WWM has installed 53 new wells and/or filtration systems, and we are hopeful that we may reach our goal of 75 installs by year’s end.

The COVID virus has slowed down our lives in many ways, but not the growing WWM waitlist. 49 families still remain on the list, and more will apply. WWM needs your continued support to help our neighbors who do not have the $6500.00 needed to dig a new well, to drink pure water.

Our deepest appreciation goes to all who donated this year, and for anyone considering a contribution to Water Wellness Mission, our team and our well recipients would be truly grateful. We need more funding to move on. Please visit our website at to make your tax-deductible gift.

Again, thank you, and stay well.

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